At the end of the year I told you that Christopher Nolan’s Inception would be totally spoiled during the marketing of the film (click here to read that Advocate). A few weeks later I feel like my prophecy is coming to be. Three great beasts rise from the water, blood in their jaws and crowns of fire upon their scrotii, and they say the following words:

A key part of the premise is corporate espionage by way of dream invasion, but motives and even reality are slippery in a film that toys with perception as its travels through time and space.

Oh snap. I hope you weren’t trying to maintain the mystique of Inception because that stuff is becoming about as rare as a GOP politician without a deviant sexual history.

That quote comes from an LA Times interview with Nolan, which has gotten everbody excited because he reveals such secrets as Inception is his biggest film yet and that it’s sort of his take on a fourth dimensional James Bond. But I imagine his take on James Bond involves no smiling or fun. Just a hunch.

Read the whole thing here.