Ending months of speculation, Ivan Reitman has told MTV News that he will in fact be directing Ghostbusters 3, and he hopes to start shooting sometime this year. He said that there’s a new draft of the script that is being revised right now.

All of this is, I guess, good news. Not that I think Ghostbusters 3 is good news. And looking back at Reitman’s filmography, I notice that he directed a grand total of three films actually worth owning on home video, with most of the rest of his history filled with movies you might stick with for a half hour on TBS. So it’s not quite like Reitman is an infallible god, and he’s really 1 for 2 on the Ghostbusters films.

Still, if it’s going to get fucked up I’d rather see it get fucked up by the original guys. There’s some sort of dignity in that for me.