Top Gear is my favorite TV show [thanks Sweeney!]. The funniest. Most entertaining. Most creative with their concept. Just a joy to watch. When I was helping run the cigar shop nothing brought a group of people together better than Top Gear on the television. That was just season 10. Now, 11 and 12 are on DVD and I have a handful of these for Chewers who include their mailing address, click the link below, and actually answer the questions I’ve provided. A failure to do so disqualifies you from getting these amazing DVD offerings and it also wastes some of the bandwidth the internet could have been using to help a boy jack off.

These are good seasons too. Really good.

I’d prefer these discs go to folks who love and appreciate the show but there are some who just as much deserve to be initiated to its splendor as well. Read up here. You will soon know of great things.

Here’s your questions… and if you forget your mailing address I’ve got no sympathy for you.

1. Once I promote this contest on Twitter and Facebook, please retweet it or link on Facebook. Include the link to that little bit of grassroots promotion in your entry.
2. What was your first car?
3. What’s your current car?
4. What’s your dream car? Keep in mind too that a dream car doesn’t have to be exotic or cost prohibitive, just what you’d buy if money wasn’t an option. Also remember that most really exotic sports cars are dumb to own.
5. Which Top Gear host is your favorite and why? If you don’t know who they are you probably shouldn’t enter this contest.
6. What celebrity would you most like to see them have in their “reasonably priced car” segment? Other than Andrea Bocelli.
7. Go ahead, tell me how much ass CHUD rocks. Use the metric system if you must.