Hey Stephen Norrington, welcome back. Yeah, Hollywood’s pretty much the same as it was when you left, although there are some new faces, and some familiar faces in new offices. Don’t worry, Connery’s gone from here, so he won’t be punching you any time soon. And most execs never even heard of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. It’s more than five years old, you know.

You already got your toe back in the town’s water by working on a new Crow, but this latest one, The Lost Patrol, seems pretty promising. First of all, I was happy to hear it wasn’t a remake of the John Ford movie, although god knows it’s not too late for you to change that. I remember hearing about this sucker last year, when the spec script by Andrew Hilton was bought by Legendary. If I remember right it’s a WWII film with monsters; maybe the titular patrol is lost in the mountains? I can’t recall.

You sound pretty psyched about it. You said you liked it because it contains “hardware, heroes, grime, insane monsters.” Grime! That’s what gets many a student through film school, the dream of shooting some grime. You’re living the dream.

So you’re rewriting the script, huh? Third name on that sucker. I hear this is a hot project at Legendary, so you could be shooting this as early as this year. You’ve been away for a while, so you might need help with casting. Let me give you one hint:

Nic Cage is back.

via Hollywood Reporter.