Green Lantern may have his foe. Peter Sarsgaard is in talks to play Hector Hammond, Green Lantern‘s high-domed foe. In the movie version Hammond will be the son of a senator who disappoints his father; when a radioactive meteor (connected to the crash landing of Abin Sur’s spaceship, whence Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) gets his power ring) gives him psychic powers he decides to become a villain. This marks the first time a character named Hector has appeared in an English language superhero movie.

I really, really like Sarsgaard*, and he can without a doubt do creepy (I spent the first half of An Education thinking he was going to murder Carey Mulligan), so he’s a great choice for villain. Certainly better than Blake Lively, who has been cast as Carol Ferris, Green Lantern’s love interest/boss. Lively, who appears on Gossip Girl, is slightly younger than some of Ryan Reynold’s pubes.

Green Lantern shoots in March in New Orleans.

via Hollywood Reporter

*Fun fact: he was named after a respiratory disease protector!