The trailer for Fox’s The A-Team movie is two things at once:

1) Awesome

2) Mystifying

It’s awesome enough that all of the talk I’ve heard about behind the scenes trouble (and I’ve heard nothing but talk of behind the scenes trouble. Sharlto Copley, your fifteenth minute may be calling!) disappear while watching. Especially in that final bit, too-CGI but still cool, where Face is blasting enemy planes in a  tank that is freefalling from the stratosphere.

But there’s a slavishness on display that baffles me. I’ll probably get roasted for this, but The A-Team wasn’t that good. I watched it religiously every week in grade school, but it’s a pretty repetitive, pretty goofy show. Of course it’s the show’s iconography that has survived into pop culture, not its boring, half-baked plot of the week. And it’s that iconography that’s on display in the trailer. Still, The A-Team looks to be about the single most faithful adaptation of anything I’ve ever seen.