I took the second part of my certification on Wednesday. I was the second person to leave, and I double checked all of my answers. I left thinking I had done pretty good, but I was still iffy on it, since the last time I took it back in October I missed it by two damn points.

I was obsessively checking my score results and right at the end of the work day I saw that my scores had been posted. I nervously clicked on the link and the PDF file opened up. I had passed 13 POINTS OVER THE MINIMUM SCORE! I wanted to jump for joy, but I was still at work, so I had to stave my happiness for a few minutes before I left. Told my Mother and she was ecstatic as she’d been hoping and praying for me to pass. I’d be lying if I didn’t pray the night before I took the test. I even did the sign of the cross right before I submitted my scores.

Told Vanessa, and she was extremely happy as well. Called my Dad and he was really happy as well. Earlier today I tallied up how much money I spent this year on both certifications. The total? $960. ALMOST A GRAND. That’s $120 for each time I had to take either of the tests. Now that’s $120 I’m going to keep in my pocket.

Rene’s song of the day: Harry Nilsson – Spaceman

Thanks for reading my blog and see you next time!