Robert Zemeckis CGI mocap version of Yellow Submarine is already a failure thanks to the director not casting Justin Long as George Harrison. Seriously, Long’s version of Harrison is uncanny; rumor has it that the actor will be playing Harrison in Let It Be once the 1970 movie finally gets a home video release.

Instead Zemeckis has cast Cary Elwes as Harrison; meanwhile Peter Serafinowicz is playing Paul, Brit actor Dean Lennox Kelly as John, and Adam Campbell – star of Epic Movie - as Ringo. Of course they won’t look like themselves, as they’ll be playing 3D versions of the cartoon Beatles from Yellow Submarine (who, by the way, were not played by the Beatles themselves. The Beatles only appeared in a quick live action segment at the end of the cartoon).

The actors won’t be doing Beatles numbers; Zemeckis has hired Beatles impersonators Fab 4 to do the band’s moves, set to actual recordings of the real Fab Four. There will 16 Beatles songs in the movie.

Oh well.

via Hollywood Reporter