Dreams can come true! My analysis of Breaking Dawn - the most popular article in modern CHUD history! – has obviously impacted the folks at Summit, who are looking to plow forward and bring this most controversial, weird and retarded book in the series before cameras this fall.

Producer Wyck Godfrey (he always sounds like a character from a 1940s screwball comedy to me) tells the LA Times that all three leads are signed for a fourth film, and that Melissa Rosenberg, who has written the first three films, is working on Breaking Dawn right now. They’re waiting to look at the script before deciding whether to make it two films or not – supposedly. I think they’re waiting for the Eclipse numbers to see if the series has the juice to go to five installments.

Godfrey is looking at a list of possible directors right now. “It’s such a complicated book because you have the emotions and the intensity of the love story — so you need somebody who’s just a wonderful director of actors — and yet it’s really complicated from an action and visual effects standpoint. They’ve got to have both tools in their kit.” Duh, David Cronenberg!

Or maybe David Fincher. Godfrey sees connections with a Fincher film when discussing Renesmee, the vampire baby who grows up real fast in the book: “I keep having visions of ‘[The Curious Case of] Benjamin Button’ in my head,” Godfrey said, referring to David Fincher’s Oscar-nominated 2008 fantasy about a man who becomes physically younger as he ages. “It’s certainly going to be visual effects in some capacity along with an actor. I wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up being a full CG creation, but it also may be a human shot on a soundstage that then is used to shrink down. I don’t know. We need a director. When we get a director, that director will need to come with a point of view of how they want to tackle it.”