Is there anyone really chomping at the bit for Indiana Jones 5? I understand that it’s possible some people liked Crystal Skull but even those folks have to look at the idea of a fifth film with some healthy skepticism. The rest of us look at it with horror.

But it’s still percolating, if Harrison Ford is to be believed. The actor was stumping for his truly shitty-looking new film, Extraordinary Measures and of course most questions to him were about Indiana Jones.

According to MTV, Harrison Ford is excited about George Lucas’ ‘crazy’ idea for the next film.

“Some of the best ideas are crazy ideas, you know?” he said. “Well-wrought, well-manipulated.’ Yes, Harrison, a well-wrought idea would be great. Show of hands as to who believes it will be well-wrought?

As for what Ford wants in the next film: more Mutt. Yay!

“I think it would be interesting to deepen the relationship between he and his son and play on that relationship. … It’s full of opportunity. The series is full of opportunity.”

Harrison, I do not think opportunity means what you think it means. Unless you think it means ‘paychecks.’