The epicenter of Catholicism is bashing the competitor film Avatar for being sentimental hokum, and bland. If anyone should embrace sentimental hokum…

It must be a slow news day when Variety is covering what the Vatican thinks of pop culture. I didn’t know we were competing with the Vatican when it comes to reviews of current films. I anxiously await their opinion on AntiChrist. It’s only news if the Vatican endorses a film that doesn’t fall directly in line with their views. That’s when it’s news. Not when they attack something that suggests there’s spirituality in nature. God forbid.

And no I am not backing the idiots who are taking their love of Avatar to dangerous levels of fandom. They’ll die alone and the only way people will hear their stories from a tree is if they leave a microcassette recorder embedded in the bark.

Anyway, here’s some concept art for Avatar‘s AMP suit: