I’m not often inclined to run videos and film work produced at my school (lest I abuse this as an outlet for my own personal nonsense), but lately a few pieces of particularly cool and interesting work from my peers at the Savannah College of Art & Design have been making the rounds on sites like /Film and Cinematical, so I felt it appropriate to show some love as well.

ID4: Off Broadway

First up is the latest and largest scale stage-production of the War Room Collective: Independence Day: Off-Broadway. War Room is a loose affiliation of talented filmmakers, musicians, photographers, artists, SCAD students (and on lucky occasions, myself). The crew has staged a number of film-themed performances, the first being the Jurassic Park Party (embedded below), the success of which led to the staging of  Lion King Vs. Predator (also embedded).

The audiences for these performances grew extremely quickly, so when the third (and most ambitious) production was staged last July, the local meat-factory/film-studio became the new venue. I was lucky enough to attend this performance along with 200 other folks, and I can attest to a incredible experience. Though it was too dark to capture the impressive special effects the crew put on, the video below does a good job of capturing the spirit of the performance. Have a look and then check out some more work from the War Room Collective towards the bottom (including the country music sensation The Hard Gravel, whose debut video includes a cameo from yours truly).

I’ve been personally assured of the return of the War Room Collective to Savannah by ringleader Sam Eidson, and told that one of my absolute favorites– Men In Black– is next up on the list of off-Broadway productions. My fingers are crossed.


While shorter than most thesis films at SCAD, The Lorax: He Speaks For The Trees made a definite splash. A glorious perversion of the classic Seuss tale, it brought a burst of grindhouse fun wherever shown. While I had no hand in it’s production, it was my personal pleasure to project this short at a local Regal theater last year as part of a showcase of thesis films organized by the aforementioned Sam Eidson. This remains one of my favorite pieces of work from last year’s graduating class.

More War Room stuff:

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ID4 Photo Source | NathanJonesPhoto.com