One of the best movies I saw at Fantastic Fest ’09 was the German movie Human Centipede (First Sequence), about a mad doctor who sewed three people together… ass to mouth. It’s actually less graphically disgusting than it sounds, but it is soul-scourging. And excellent. Dieter Laser plays the mad scientist and his performance is, hands down, one of the most iconic villain performances in recent memory.

It seemed like you may never get a chance to see this movie legitimately, but thankfully IFC has stepped up to the challenge and will be releasing the film in the US. Even better, while the film will open theatrically in select markets (and this is the best way to see it, with a squirming crowd!), IFC will make it available on demand the same date. Which means Chewers in every backwater will have a chance to see it and discuss it the same day as the Chewers who live in shining megalopolises.

Click here to read my review. Below is a not terribly well put together trailer for the film; I expect IFC to come up with something much cooler.

via IndieWire