I may not be the sharpest bulb in the drawer, since it took me until last night to figure out that Alice in Wonderland, the new Tim Burton 3D extravaganza, is not an adaptation of the books by Lewis Carroll but a sequel. Essentially it’s Return to Oz, but with much less Fairuza Balk. And Disney hopes much more box office success.

This realization came as I pored over a giant piece of swag that Disney had sent over. It’s a big old Alice in Wonderland book, and it’s actually a nesting series of books, each smaller book detailing a different aspect of the creation of the movie, all leading to a really teeny book with a metal key inside of it. That key ended up being a USB drive that contained some previously released pictures and a very high quality version of the latest trailer.

I was going to share some pictures of the book with you guys and then I realized that every other web guy got one and put their pictures up and I’m really fairly lazy, so here’s El Guapo from Latino Review doing a tour of his copy of the book: