Oh good! I was worried that the modest success of GI Joe would preclude a sequel, which would have been a bummer, as the film finally got the characters to where they needed to be at the end. We did a whole movie without a real Cobra Commander, and to deny me Joseph Gordon-Levitt hissing his lines for another film would have been a tragedy.

But GI Joe 2 is moving forward, and Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick are writing it. The initial news about the movie’s existence popped up on Collider, while IESB broke the writers.

I guess there’s some kind of backlash against Zombieland since the movie was just good and didn’t do your chores for you or something – I’ll never get how some people think! – but I really dug it and I think Rheese and Wernick can bring some of the character stuff that was missing from the first GI Joe. And between GI Joe and Deadpool, Reese and Wernick feel like the new Orci and Kurtzman when it comes to being on big geek properties. Except I’ve liked their scripts.