Hey, wouldn’t it be great if vampires were cool again? The Spierig Bros are doing their best with the excellent Daybreakers, opening this weekend (read my review here). To celebrate awesome bloodsuckers in theaters we’re teaming up with Lionsgate to give away some Daybreakers swag.

We’re giving away:

Daybreakers sunglasses, perfect for filtering UV rays

Daybreakers water bottle

We also have Daybreakers poster, some cool postcards and a blood bag filled with something I do hope is not blood.

to win this swag? Send an email to devin at chud.com with DAYBREAKERS
in the subject line, and your mailing address in the body. Contest ends
Monday 1/11, so mail now!

And for those wondering about Paranormal Activity Blus – we’re waiting on those from the studio. Patience!