According to UK music mag NME (warning: that link is fucking virused to hell), the remake of Clash of the Titans will be scored by rock band Muse. If you don’t know Muse, imagine Radiohead, but not as good.

I don’t know if this is going to be a rock soundtrack (a la Flash Gordon… god if only) or an avant garde soundtrack (like Johnny Greenwood on There Will Be Blood) or something more traditional. I’m hoping it’s rockier, and stranger and more fun – Clash of the Titans seems like the kind of movie that could only benefit from such a thing.

Note: this is apparently all still up in the air, and it’s not too late for Muse to end up not writing the score, as they’re busy touring or some other rock star business.

Here’s Muse’s famous video for Knights of Cydonia; I don’t think there’s any question that their music is cinematic. Should be interesting.