I’m under an embargo so strict that it involves sacrificing the lives of my nearest and dearest if I break it, but while I was on the set of David Gordon Green’s upcoming Your Highness I learned that not only will this film – which finds Danny McBride and James Franco as mismatched brothers in a heroic fantasy story – be profane and filthy, it’ll also be weird and probably awesome. And while the original script included more weed humor (thus the Your Highness joke) it won’t be quite so prominent in the final film. In other words, this isn’t Lord of the Pineapple Express (although weed was much less prominent in Pineapple Express than it really seems).

This picture is your first look at the movie, and your first look at Danny McBride in one of his many fantasy hero outfits. In the picture is Zooey Deschanel, who plays a damsel in distress, along with James Franco, who is her beloved and the chivalrous yin to McBride’s slacker yang. Not pictured: Natalie Portman as a foul-mouthed warrior and Justin Theroux as one hell of a wizard.

Look for this one in October.