Are people still fans of The Wedding Crashers? Like, are they popping it into their DVD players and watching it regularly and quoting it and stuff like that? Because that film feels like the last time I could stomach a Vince Vaughn vehicle, and it’s been a long time since I even gave it a second thought. And before The Wedding Crashers… man, I guess I just don’t really like Vince Vaughn movies all that much.

I also don’t like Ron Howard movies all that much these days, so the idea of them teaming up for a comedy really doesn’t fill me with much excitement. Or hope. Or faith in the future of humanity.

But it gets better! The film is the brainchild of spiky-haired dynamo Brian Grazer. We know that he’s a comedy monolith, so thank God he’s giving out intriguing movie premises like ‘an exploration of the fallout surrounding infidelity between lovers and friends.’ I hope this means Vaughn and Jon Favreau wrestle again, like in Four Christmases.

Stop making me sad, Hollywood.

via Variety