The Farrelly Bros’ The Three Stooges has its Larry back, thanks to a returning Sean Penn. The actor had previously dropped out of the project, which caused the whole thing to fall apart – Jim Carrey, who had gained 30 pounds for the role of Curly, fell out as well – but now it seems that the notoriously liberal actor has accepted the saw-baiting Jewfro of Lawrence once more.

Penn had pulled out for family reasons, but Bobby Farrelly tells the Boston Herald all of that is behind him. “We got him back,” Bobby Farrelly said. “He always said he wanted to do it after, you know, taking care of his family.” So he, you know, took care of his family. Ominous.

The Farrellys have another film in the queue before they can get to The Three Stooges, but it’s an Owen Wilson movie, so it looks like they’re taking it easy and saving the comedy for the Stooges. Benicio Del Toro remains attached as Moe, but the search for Curly continues.

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