I imagine the massive success of Avatar, which liberally borrows from Dune, must have resurrected the latest adaptation of Frank Herbert’s massive and classic scifi novel. The film was to be directed by Peter Berg, but he fell off and went on to Battleship. Many of us thought the picture was dead, but it turns out that a new director has been brought on board. A very unexpected new director.

Pierre Morel, helmer of Taken and District B-13 (and a decent cinematographer before that) has been brought on to direct.


Okay, I haven’t seen Taken (yes, I know this should be remedied), but unless I’m missing something, Morel’s filmography doesn’t hint towards him handling a socio-religious epic. This obviously means that the film is being envisioned as more of an action piece, and that we’ll probably see Maud’dib being much more of a bad ass. Maybe he’ll parkour his way onto the back of a sandworm.

This all feels wrong to me. Deadly wrong. Of course it’s I who could be wrong – Morel could have something in him I’ve not noticed before, and maybe an action take on the material will somehow work. But this is smelling more and more like a disaster by the moment.

All of that said, we’ll see if this goes anywhere. I’m guessing Dune is a project whose director may change another time or two before all is said and done.

via Variety

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