Hey- you there. You, the one still watching The Simpsons. Cut it out. Buy the first few seasons on dvd instead and remember what an amazing show it used to be, with real heart and hysterical plot lines and incredible family dynamics, before it descended into self-parody and easy jokes. Let it finally die already.

This weekend The Simpsons will celebrate their 450th episode, a number that’s at least twice as large as the show should ever have known. Not only has the show gone on for 20 years, but this season it’s seized
the title of the longest scripted nighttime series ever, finally besting Gunsmoke.

Doubtlessly we’ll be suckered into watching it, chuckling one or twice and immediately forgetting about it, but there’s more in store for us! Morgan Spurlock (of Super Size Me and 30 Days fame) has created an hourlong documentary about the series, entitled The Simpsons 20th Anniversary Special in 3-D on Ice. It will air on Fox right after the 450th episode.

But it’s terrifying to think what the future could entail.

“I think we could do it for another 20 years, actually,” Matt Groening told the Associated Press at a recent “Simpsons” tribute by Los Angeles’ Paley Center for Media. Then he dissolved into giggles.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.