With the attempted Christmas Day bombing of a Northwest flight, we’re suddenly reminded of the reality of terrorism. What’s amazing is how far we have and have not come since 9/11; as a former New York City resident I can tell you that the first few months after the World Trade Center came down taking the subway or driving through a tunnel was a pretty scary experience. I bet there were a bunch of long-time New Yorkers who felt that way again after Christmas.

Tom DeSanto, producer of the X-Men films and Transformers, is tackling terrorism in a real way – not through the eyes of mutants or transforming robots but from the case files of the folks who track terrorists down. Says Tom himself an email today:

Tonight TruTV is airing a special called CRISIS: New York Underwater and it is a pilot for a counter terrorism based show shining a spotlight on the danger.  Since 1993 terrorists have tried several times to blow up the tunnels between NY and NJ and it is a very real problem today that the powers that be have not given proper attention to.  I want the show to shine a spotlight on the problem so we can fix it.

I know that this is something I’m interested in. There must be tons of stories coming out of the War on Terror that we just never hear about, and I’m curious as to what’s going on behind the scenes. Tom promises that this show is free of politics and just focuses on stuff we can all agree on, like that the destruction of the Lincoln Tunnel would be a bad thing.

The show is airing tonight at 11 Eastern (so soon!) and will probably be repeated. Check it out if the recent attack has you thinking about terrorism and what we’re doing to fight it.