Just a few updates:

1) Blog Wars II didn’t happen because a few of the participants became persona non grata around here.

2) That weird horror fan-fic guy “Spymunk” that I used to help promote his site via this blog flaked and started some weird shitstorm over at Aint it Cool News. Spymunk was never and has never been me. He’s just an odd duck that lives in Portland, Oregon and hangs around my site (www.andersonvision.com) at times.

3) Apologies to Mr. Beaks for the previous Spymunk guy freaking out in the Talkback for his wonderful Best Films of the 00s countdown deal over at AICN.

4) The previous incident has led me to believe that the Internet is more retarded than I could ever imagine.

5) I’m still not too painfully crazy about this whole Blog thing. I’ll add to it when the mood strikes me.

6) When the mood strikes me, it’s usually about dumb shit.

7) Dumb shit being “What would Captain N: The Game Master be like in the modern console gaming era”.

8)  In regards to CHUD, I’ve been focusing more on trying to improve the DVD/BLU-RAY/Home Entertainment coverage. Some of you might notice that I’m currently revamping The Special Edition into something a little sturdier. I welcome any thoughts or suggestions.

9) The Talkbacks are back. My prior opinion on the matter still stands. The people who abuse them can go fuck off and die. I acknowledge the folks who want to have an instant voice through the TB process. It’s just that being nasty for asshole’s sake isn’t going to get you anywhere. To the people that carry themselves in a dignified manner down there, good for you. Hopefully, your civil behavior will attach itself to the others.

10) I still can’t stress how fucking stupid the situation at AICN was this week. If you want the link to check it out. Here you go. Scroll down to the middle of the Talkback where my name comes up.


Again, somebody who was not me caused people to think I was him. I got ramshackled for a day by people who I don’t even know. I find out about it and all the parties involved go about their way like nothing happened. 

People are fucking weird.