We’ve been hearing more and more buzz about Ghostbusters 3, and a new interview that Heeb Magazine conducted with writer/director/Egon Harold Ramis seems to suggest that they’re pretty close to the start of production.

Speaking about the status of the film, Ramis had this to say-

Something’s going to happen. Dan [Aykroyd] did write a spec GB3 screenplay a few years ago, but no one was motivated to pursue it. Now, 25 years after the original, there seems to be some willingness to proceed and apparently a substantial public appetite for a sequel. We’ll introduce some new young Ghostbusters, and all the old guys will be in it, too. Think Christopher Lloyd in Back to the Future … GB3 is progressing with plans to shoot next summer and release in 2011.

Young new Ghostbusters like Dana’s son Oscar? Venkman training recruits from the dead?

I wonder if they’ll shoot at the same firehouse down in Tribeca if this happens…. the place will be a madhouse all summer.