In grand olde Hollywood tradition, there are competing films about the Roman 9th legion in the pipeline. The 9th is famous because they went to Britain and just totally disappeared (or so says the legend. The reality is probably not as dramatic). One of the films is coming from genre master Neil Marshall, while the other is coming from the more ‘respectable’ Kevin MacDonald, he of The Last King of Scotland fame. That film is called Eagle of the Ninth, and Yahoo! has some photos from it.

Now, I’m the guy who likes Channing Tatum, and even I have to say that he looks so out of place here. I wasn’t bothered by Sam Worthington’s ridiculously anachronistic buzzcut in the Clash of the Titans trailer, but Tatum looks like he just came off rehearsals as a dancer on the new Justin Timberlake tour. Maybe he’ll convince me in motion. In the meantime, click here to see some pics. I particularly like photo 4, where Tatum appears to be giving 1969 Roger Daltrey the whatfor.