I love Brandon Bird. He’s not just an artist who uses lots and lots of pop culture (because Christ knows we’re drowning in artists who do this), he’s got a great sense of humor. His stuff doesn’t simply reference pop culture stuff, he plays with it and what it means. I’ve been to too many pop cult art shows that are just a dozen lewd or violent paintings of 80s toy characters – it’s like The Family Guy, not clever, simply ‘edgy’ while being referential.

Bird’s latest bit of greatness is the Nicolas Cage Adventure Set – more or less the Nic Cage Colorforms. It comes with three different Cages, a Nic Cage astronaut head, a ghost, a parrot, a sword and an ice cream cone. And it has two different backdrops, with one being a dungeon and the other a beach. Honestly, the only thing Bird is missing is multiple wigs to stick on your Cages.

I love the conceit here, and I love the silliness. And I really want one. Click here to order yours.