We have five Blu-Ray copies of the smash hit horror movie Paranormal Activity to give away to lucky Chewers. Want a copy of the phenomenon of the year? All you have to do is send me an email with PARANORMAL in the subject line and your real name and mailing address in the body. Send all your emails to devin at chud.com. One entry per email address, and all emails that don’t conform to these standards will be deleted!

By the way, if you happened to pre-order Paranormal Activity you’ll be getting your copy today (surprise!) and you’ll be able to enter another cool contest. Starting at midnight Eastern time people watching Paranormal Activity and Twittering about it have a chance to win two tickets to a Paramount movie premiere (and it’s a totally fucking AWESOME premiere, even though they’re keeping it quiet).

Here’s how it works: Starting at midnight simply tweet to @TweetYourScream and use the hashtag #UpAllNight and you’ll be entered. This is an incredibly cool contest, and honestly, maybe you should consider entering even if you didn’t pre-order the DVD/Blu-Ray.

Good luck!