The Book of Eli looks like it could be a really unique January offering. It features pedigree (can’t do much better than Denzel and Gary Oldman), solid filmmakers (The Hughes Brothers, still in line to make their really “BIG” movie), and a cool premise (“Man wanders the post-apocalyptic world kicking ass, protecting a book loaded with the secrets to the future”).

The trailer.

Between this, Dr. Parnassus and Daybreakers, we’re kicking 2010 off with a nice genre bang. Plus, most of us would watch Denzel do just about anything. Well, not make love to Gary Oldman.

I happen to have some tickets for readers in the cities below. So if you would be as kind as to use the appropriate link, include your mailing address, and tell us the name of your favorite post-apocalyptic film, you just may get yourselves a little treat for you and yours.




I hope ‘Eli’ packs a Wallach.