Keira Knightly. Christoph Waltz. Michael Fassbender. Together in a movie directed by David Cronenberg.

How have you not already pre-ordered your ticket? This is a line-up that astounds, and it’s all in the service of a movie called The Talking Cure, based on a play by Christopher Hampton. The Talking Cure is about the earliest days of psychiatry, when Jung and Freud were still buddies, and how their eventual split happened. It was, of course, over a woman – a beautiful young woman named Sabine, who Jung ended up sleeping with.

I’m assuming that Waltz is Freud, Knightly is Sabine and the excellent Fassbender is Jung, who was jung at the time himself, and a protege of Freud.

Cronenberg has been working on the film since 2007; Ralph Fiennes played Jung in the original English stage version, but I like the casting Cronenberg has assembled. There’s no telling when the film will shoot; all the info comes from the MySpace page of Australian film distrib Hopscotch, who says they’ve bought the Down Under rights.

Thanks to Brian for the heads up!