Move aside, Cho Aniki, there’s a new champion in town. Muscle March is a new title developed by Namco Bandai for the Wii’s WiiWare service, and it seems that the culprits of Katamari Damacy have truly outdone themselves. Muscle March is just awesomely gay.

In the downloadable title you play a muscleman who has his protein powder stolen by nefarious musclebound thieves. In order to get it back and bulk up accordingly you have to run after them and use the Wii remote and nunchuck to recreate poses to fit through holes in walls. It’s sort oflike that cleverly titled Japanese game show Hole in the Wall. You’ll have to adapt certain muscleman poses as fast as you can and… oh hell, just watch.

Muscle March features two gameplay modes for body types of all shapes and sizes.  Race through city streets as your gluts glisten in the sun; bust through an old village as you flex your pecs; or marvel at technological advancements in a space station as you shred your delts in Muscle March mode.  Players can also test their endurance muscle with Endless Rush mode.  Tackle an endless set of obstacles at an ever-increasing speed alone or against three friends.  Show off your precision body building skills across both modes to become a god of muscle.

Expect to question your sexuality on WiiWare soon.