Screen Gems just released this teaser poster for Priest, Scott Stewart’s upcoming film. You might not be familiar with the director- he’s a visual effects artist and producer whose first feature Legion will be hitting theaters in a month. Interesting how both of Stewart’s films this year are all about Paul Bettany fighting off the supernatural.

That tattoo might seem like a better idea when you find out that Paul Bettany’s character is facing vampires in a postapocalyptic Western wasteland this time around, and actually seems like such a simple idea I’m amazed it hasn’t been done more often. He should tattoo one on his back as well- no vampire will ever get the drop on him then…. if they follow those rules, of course. Bettany’s character is forced to track down a specific group of vampires that have kidnapped his niece, teaming up with a young sheriff (Cam Gigandet) and a priestess (Maggie Q) on the way. Karl Urban, Christopher Plummer and Brad Dourif show up to lend some geek cred as well.

The film’s based on a manga which you can check out in the player below, provided you’re not easily embarrassed or under the age of 13.