Visceral Games (the folks behind Dead Space) just sent over a nice new Christmas card to share with you guys for Dante’s Inferno. The link should give you an idea of what to expect- Enjoy!

The demo for the game is already available for PS3 (it hits 360 this Thursday, December 24th) so get on it if you haven’t. Speaking from someone who played a portion of the game earlier this year, it’s good to see how much the game has improved over the months, even if it’s still in third place after the recent God of War 3 and Bayonetta demos. The combat is fun as ever, even if it’s not exactly unique (ahem), and cross is actually useful as a ranged weapon now! The absolve/punish system still pisses me off, though, and seems to be more a way of wrangling extra playthroughs than having any real gameplay purpose. It doesn’t help that the story has been dumbed down as badly as video games get, the classic poem of redemption and immortality transformed into Ghost N’ Goblins with boobs.

Still, it certainly plays well and has plenty of great set pieces; the imagery and massive boss battles alone guarantee that this will get a spin. Dante’s Inferno hits February 9th.