How lazy is it to compare movies to Pirates of the Caribbean? What does it even mean when you do that? I ask because that’s how The Further Adventures of Doc Holliday, a spec script bought by Paramount, is being described in the trades today: ‘a history based action-adventure in the vein of Pirates of the Caribbean.’ Does that mean Doc Holliday, the famously tubercular doctor from the gunfight at the OK Corrall, is going to take on the undead? Or perhaps sea monsters?

Just because a movie is a period piece and has action/adventure doesn’t mean it’s in the vein of Pirates of the Caribbean. Hell, this is going to be a Western, so call it in the vein of The Wild, Wild West.

At any rate the script is from Chad St. John, who is a writer and not, as his name might indicate, a character on a soap opera. He’s knee deep in a few other projects that are CHUD bait, like Sgt. Rock and the remake of Outland.