Just recently the BBC released three new clips from their upcoming The Day of the Triffids adaptation. The third adaptation of the classic novel (the second of which was also BBC Miniseries in the 80s, and is available on Netflix Instant), it tells the tale of a world made blind and the carniverous plants called Triffids which become the dominant life force on this planet. The two part adaptation will air on December 28th and 29th on BBC One, and looks surprisingly decent from these clips.

This first one sets the stage for the events to follow, as the world stands in awe at a beautiful lights display emanating from the sun.

In this one, Eddie Izzard is in a hell of a predicament, and tries to remedy it in a pretty peculiar manner.

And finally, we get a tiny hint of what the Triffids will look like this time, as one of the scientists who has been studying the plant (which emits an oil that’s an excellent fuel alternative) runs into some trouble.

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