I have a confession! I haven’t watched the early Bond films, although I’ve seen bits and pieces of some over the years. The only pre-Brosnan one I truly remember is Moonraker which was my favorite. I dunno how I’ll feel about it as an adult, but hey.

Likewise, I’ve never seen any of the Star Trek films prior to Generations in their entirety. I remember bits, like the one with the whale and I think chunks of Wrath of Khan.

As is sometimes like me when it comes to movies, I decided I ought to systematically watch all this stuff. I had this long conversation about James Bond with a friend of mine and for whatever reason it finally kindled the urge. With Star Trek it’s all about Wrath of Khan which some friends recently watched and talked about. Then there was something Devin Faraci wrote recently which described it as the best space war movie ever or some such. Consider me sold!

I will write entries in this here Bloggunhymen for each film I watch. They should be brief, especially with the formulaic Bond movies. Stay tuned.