Two powerhouse animated franchises will be returning to the big screen this summer and new material for both have appeared on the web this week. Considering that the Shrek franchise has grossed over a billion dollars across three films, and Toy Story has cleared $850m in only two, you can expect both of these family film titans to be pushing themselves hard…

I hate to be predictably sycophantic/snide towards these franchises, but the track records speak for themselves.


May 21st shall mark the premiere of Shrek Forever After, the supposed “final chapter” of the series and one that sends it’s titular hero into a parallel universe where none of the shit in the movies has ever happened! A beloved character is fat now! Rumpelstiltskin is involved (fuck you Disney).

A trailer and teaser poster have debuted online and you can see the latter below. Click on it to see the trailer at Apple Trailers (I’d add a YouTube embed, but they’re all yanks from Apple anyway).

Of course, Puss In Boots is set to happen to us in November of 2011, so don’t get all anxious about Dreamworks’ biggest franchise coming to a close just yet.

“But alas my friends, we have come to the final MESSAGE BOARD, and our hero has fallen victim to a terrible curse…”