Those of you fiending for more Attackazoids! after watching Brian Lonano’s excellent short film can now get their wish, as he’s posted the prequel film to the internet for one week! Attackazoids, Deploy!! is a riff on propoganda films, and goes on to show us how exactly the world got in its predicament that it’s currently in. Check it out.

ATTACKAZOIDS, DEPLOY!! from Brian Lonano on Vimeo.

Now that you have some idea of what’s going on, you can now check out a new cut of Attackazoids!, the short that started it all. This new cut is shorter than the original, much tighter, and has some great new shots of robotic destruction on display!

ATTACKAZOIDS, RECUT! from Brian Lonano on Vimeo.

Deploy will only be available till Christmas Day, but the director’s cut of the original will be online forever. We can only hope that the rumors of another short (or feature!) comes into fruition, and, of course, that it will feature three exclamation marks this time. For all your Attackazoids needs, check out the official site. Unity will prevail!