With The Hangover hitting DVD and Blu-Ray this week everybody is talking about the impending sequel to the biggest comedy of all time. Director Todd Phillips  has been stressing that the sequel, which is in the scripting stage right now, will not be taking place in Las Vegas. So where will the boys be going to get into trouble?

How about Thailand?

At least that’s the plan right now. What will be the story and why will the four friends be in Thailand? Beats me, but sources close to the movie tell me that Thailand is the destination. It’s a pretty good destination for a movie about waking up with regret, and you have to wonder how edgy they’re going to get in this chapter. I imagine Thai ladyboys are a certainty, but how about the more unseemly side of Thai sex tourism? Will Zack Galifiniakis end up with a child bride instead of a baby?

Another source has told me that Thailand was going to be the setting of the scrapped Old School Dos, so it could be that Phillips is recycling a bunch of jokes that were intended for Will Ferrel and Vince Vaughn.

Since the script isn’t finalized things could still change, but my source is someone who would know. Get ready for lots of Phuket jokes.