Last year’s Butt-Numb-A-Thon was heavy on promo reels and extended clips for new movies. This year Harry Knowles – who programs the 24 hour film festival as a birthday celebration – eschewed all of that in favor of just complete movies. One film that did sneak in in the form of a trailer, though, was Iron Man 2.

The new Iron Man 2 trailer kind of kicks ass. It’s mostly made up of footage screened at this year’s Comic Con, but that’s not a bad thing. After all, that footage includes the awesome moment of Iron Man and War Machine standing side by side, unloading their weapons at unseen enemies – a moment that’s in the trailer. I think the newest stuff in the trailer consists of looks at Tony Stark’s life post-Iron Man 2, including a semi-tender moment with Pepper Potts and an appearance at a big, glitzy Stark Expo event. But the stuff from Comic Con – including an iconic shot of Whiplash advancing on a fallen Tony Stark, his energy whips crackling – is pretty great on its own.

The point I’m trying to get across, though, is that the new trailer – which God and Paramount willing, should be debuting online soon – is serioiusly badass, and it should ratchet up excitement for Iron Man 2 in a big way. Also possibly getting people excited is this new tie-in ARG (alternate reality game) that began last week on Coming Soon. Now we have the latest clue for you. What does it all mean? I don’t know – I’m hoping you guys can figure it out in the message board thread right here.

Click on the image below to see it bigger.