News first hit of a Teen Wolf remake back in June, and the cast has been revealed for the project, which is now a movie set to air first on MTV. It’s likely you won’t know any of these actors, but it stars Tyler Posey, Tyler Hoechlin (7th Heaven), Crystal Reed and Dylan O’Brien. The Holllywood Reporter sums it up as “a dramatic thriller with a buddy-comedy element at the center and a romantic plot line.” Yeesh… looks like poor Devin might have gotten his wish about a more serious take fulfilled.

The film this time will revolve around a dorky kid (Posey) who gets incredible powers, including the useful ability to attract girls (hopefully not involving scent marking), after being attacked by a werewolf. Like every other high school movie about a kid who gets powers he has a sidekick (O’Brian) who doesn’t immediately believe him, but then is invaluable help. There’s also a new girl (Reed) at school who thinks he’s cute, but will she pick him over the local town bad-boy (Hoechlin) who’s actually a “vicious and predatory” werewolf?

Of course, we should all be deeply saddened that this Teen Wolf clearly cares more about getting into relationships than strengthening his b-ball skills, but that’s what sells nowadays. Can’t wait for the overly dramatic trailer to hit!

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