Everyone who’s come out of BNAT this year has raved and raved about Kick-Ass. Best superhero movie yet, they say. It upstaged Avatar, they say. Most badass film since Hard Boiled, says Harry.

With claims like this it will be hard to keep that hype in check, but the more we see the better it looks. And… could it be? Yes, it’s got Nicholas Cage in another of his absolutely insane roles!

Our buddies over at UGO revealed an exclusive new poster for the film today, which offers the first full look of Nicolas Cage in his superhero outfit. Head on over there and check it out!

They also have debuted the below clip, one which was shown at Comic Con this year and blew away audiences. In case you thought Nic Cage roughing up old ladies wasn’t bad enough, watch him teaching his daughter one of life’s most important lessons. Amazing.

(UPDATE 12/23! The always-rational MPAA has apparently pressured Lionsgate to get UGO to remove the clip. So here’s a copy of it from Youtube.)

Try and understand Cage’s film decisions on our boards.