In between pummeling you with reviews for Fall’s great games and spamming the front page with more Mass Effect 2 news than should be legal, it might seem like we’ve been neglecting Crackdown 2, Ruffian’s upcoming sequel to one of our favorite games around these parts. Truth be told: in a post-Prototype world, our fondness for free-roaming superhero sandbox games may have waned a bit. As if in response, Ruffian woos us back with a brand new trailer, which highlights campaign co-op and explosions:

With a more subdued color palette, mutant Hoovervilles, and generally dingy demeanor, Pacific City sure got a lot darker over the last few years. Ruffian’s practically begging you to light it up using all of those new energy weapons.

Swing a barbell with one hand in early 2010.

Source: Gametrailers