Film Weekend Per Total
1 The Princess and the Frog $25,000,000 $7,280 $27,880,000
2 The Blind Side $15,450,000 (-22.9%) $4,560 $150,212,000
3 Invictus $9,085,000 $4,275 $9,085,000
4 New Moon $8,000,000 (-48.1%) $2,201 $267,360,000
5 A Christmas Carol $6,871,000 (-11.5%) $2,861 $124,464,000
6 Brothers $5,000,000 (-47.5%) $2,395 $17,402,000
7 2012 $4,400,000 (-35.0%) $2,394 $155,337,000
8 Old Dogs $4,396,000 (-36.2%) $1,423 $39,983,000
9 Armored $3,500,000 (-46.2%) $1,824 $11,747,000
10 Ninja Assassin $2,710,000 (-46.5%) $1,290 $34,307,000

This just in: A vinyl copy of The Clash’s first album (UK printing).

When it comes  box office, I report and you decide. You let’s get started in a fair and balanced way. The Princess and the Frog went wide this week after two weeks of playing limited engagements. This is Disney’s attempt to obvious kow-tow to the Obama administration as it is their first animated film to star a person of color. Even Mulan didn’t really star Asians (Dre Note: I just looked at the cast listing for Mulan. It’s kind of hilarious. It’s Donny Osmond, Marnie Nixon, and cinema’s most famous Asians). And even though this film was put into production years before Obama became president, and it would be way too expensive for them to gamble on Obama’s presidency happening just to show forward momentum or progress or some shit, that’s exactly why they made this movie. You can also see the failings of the administration when the film didn’t do all that great. Face, Obama. The film may make it to $100 Million, but Fox’s Alvin and the Chipunks: The Squeakuel is coming out in two weeks and people keep saying it’s a home run. Expect the A&TC2 to decimate the politically correct falderol.

The Blind Side is the ultimate movie that shows that Hollywood doesn’t get real Americans. Granted Hollywood made it, but they’re a bunch of leftist pinko fascist socialists, as we have all heard. (Dre note: Laura Ingrham said something along these lines recently). Yes, this film about a rich southern woman who adopts a black man so he can play for her football team is a more honest and interesting account of America and its race relations.  This is what America wants, and the film shows no signs of stopping until around $200 Million, when it will stop. But this is a victory for middle America that shows what they want, even if all the money goes to Warner Brothers.

And real Americans certainly don’t care about South Africa. Note to Hollywood: Apartheid is over. Now we here love Clint Eastwood, and many of the staff have come as Dirty Harry for Christmas, and most staffers own the .44 Magnum, the most powerful gun on the market (well, not any more, but that’s neither here nor there). You put South Africa together with a sport most Americans don’t understand and haven’t played (we hear it’s big with lesbians), why don’t you call your film Arugula instead of Invictus? We’re sure the Academy will give it a slot among the top ten for Oscars this year, but… it’s no Gran Torino.
The Twilight Saga’s New Moon shows that Americans respond to the good Mormon values of a picture that promotes abstinence, stalking and abusive relationships. Expect the film to not make it to $300, but what do those numbers mean when it comes to a phenomenon. A Christmas Carol will be out of most 3-D locations by Thursday as the world preps for Avatar. Maybe it gets to $140 Million by the end of run (12/25), but that’s about as far as it can go.

The world loves an old testament fable, even if it comes with some new agey bullshit, and we all know that 2012 is not about the polar icecaps melting because of the environment, it’s Jesus Christ pissed off that this liberal socialistic fascism has taken over our country. And dithering and insulting our troops, and Obama, and Tiger Woods fucked a lot. EVERYONE LOVES OLD DOGS

Next week we’ll find out if a week of great reviews can turn around months of mis-marketing.