In more shocking news, Lucasarts just unveiled a teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II at the Spike TV Video Game Awards. Stunning that they would make a sequel to a game that sold six million copies, isn’t it?

The teaser trailer doesn’t offer anything in the way of info on the game, just promises of QTEs to come. The teaser for the first game was far more effective (bringing down a friggin’ Star Destroyer!) but at least this one messes with your expectations a bit, I suppose.

The original was one of those games that’s incredibly fun for about an hour or two until you realize that you’re repeating the same stuff over and over, and while throwing stormtroopers around with your force grip doesn’t really get old (especially when they grab onto their friends and you start a little Monkeys in a Barrel chain going) the world was boring, the level design uninspired. It was a big disappointment for those of us hoping for the first great Star Wars game in years. If they can give you more to do and allow you to really use your incredible force powers on the environment this time, they might have something worth owning. It will also be pretty interesting to see where they take the story from here, and if they pick it up from the DLC that has your apprentice crushing the rebellion.

Keep an eye on the official site for more, and expect the game to hit sometime next year.

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