Of all the bands to get their standalone music games, The Beatles was at the top of the list. There are a few others that could arguably get their own titles and benefit from their rich history of music through the years, (Led Zepplin, for instance) but as far as different styles of music, imagery, and sheer impact on music today you can’t get much higher than The Beatles. After the success that was The Beatles: Rock Band, we all wondered what other influential band would be next up.

Which is why it’s so disheartening to see that Harmonix’s next title is Green Day: Rock Band. Check out the teaser trailer and wonder why a company that’s been so smart thus far has made such a silly decision. You know how much backlash they’re going to get from this?

I’ll admit it- I loved Green Day as a kid. It’s a band that started off as a pretty decent little punk band and has descended into complete pop-punk garbage. Furthermore, it’s a band whose songs you can pick up on guitar in about 10 minutes…. after you figure out which three chords it uses. Look how boring those guitar tracks look in the teaser trailer-



The game will be fully exportable to Rock Band and feature venues from the band’s history. The sad thing is that I’ve been waiting for some songs from Dookie to hit Rock Band after getting a bunch of their newer crap released as DLC, and now we’re going to have this. Ah well… they can’t all be winners.

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