Not a particularly great week for Kathryn and Legacy. Hopefully they will move on to the top 8.

The dancers got to dance in couples twice and did a solo.

Kathryn was paired with Nathan. They got a nice broadway routine that was well excecuted and a rumba with zero sexy in it. And her solo was very pretty.

Kathryn and Nathan’s broadway

Legacy was paired with Ashleigh this week. They got an incredibly athletic Garry Stewart contemporary routine that gets more impressive every time I re-watch it, and a hip hop that was a conceptual trainwreck (and if they leave this week because of it, I’m going to stab something). Ashleigh’s solo was hot! She’s a firecracker, and it’s great to see a ballroom solo like Heidi’s from season 2 on the show. And Legacy’s “lyrical” bboy solo was INSANE!

Ashleigh and Legacy’s contemporary

Note: The video abuse continues. Sorry…and thanks Rickey!