In addition to the Whiplash character poster that popped up today, a “clue” has been discovered over at that accentuates it rather well (see it huge over there).

Essentially a close-up of an article clipping from what could be Whiplash’s wall, the piece has some prominently placed names that might lead intrepid fans to some interesting stuff. A quick search of the photographer’s name (N. King) pulled up this interesting website, though I’ll leave you to explore it and figure out if it’s relevant (apparently not, since there is NSFW content somewhere on the site.)

It appears that Iron Man 2 will be taking a few pages from another superhero sequel’s book and building up buzz with a quiet, long-term viral campaign. I hope it’s as clever and effective as some campaigns have been, much like I hope Iron Man 2 represents as great of a leap in quality from the original as certain… other… films have managed.

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