Rumors of James Cameron’s next project have been sweeping the web the last few days, with most point pointing towards a Seven Samurai type film involving aliens called Doomsday Protocol, but it turns out the “Sci-Fi event film” is something else entirely- a remake of Fantastic Voyage.

Fantastic Voyage is of course the 1966 Richard Fleischer film about a crew taking a miniaturized trip through a human body. The original is a cold-war film, with the journey taking place inside a defecting iron-curtain scientist.

It was only a matter of time until the evolution of CGI birthed a new wave of tiny people films, though my money was on a Honey, I Shrunk The Kids remake first. The film will be written by Cameron’s reported collaborator Shane Salerno (AVP), who pitched the aforementioned Doomsday Protocol to Fox last year (which sent this buzz in the wrong direction).

As Cameron weaves through extensive Avatar publicity over the next week, expect more info to come out- he’ll be inundated with questions for sure.

Source | Production Weekly

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