If you think of Hollywood in medical terms (heck, we’ve already got script doctors working), then it certainly helps to specialize.  This is a concept that Duane Adler has certainly embraced.  His practice has been going successfully for nearly a decade.  His field?  Dance flicks.  Specifically, teen dance flicks: Step Up, Save the Last Dance, Make It Happen.  But now it looks like he’s segueing into a totally new and so far underserviced field: teen jump rope flicks.

Adler has just signed on to write and direct Jump Around.  Pic centers on a
group of teenagers who form a double-dutch jump-roping team at
their high school and compete for a spot in an international
competition. Double Dutch this year became an official varsity
sport in New York City schools.  Wind Dancer execs Matt Williams (
What Women Want) and Judd Payne
Passengers) will produce with Granat Entertainment VP Jared
Mass, who brought the project to the company. Wind Dancer’s David
McFadzean and Dete Meserve will exec produce.
  The original script was written by Firdosi Wharton.  Adler also has his script, Venice Beach, with Ne-Yo attached in development. 

On a side note, since most of us wouldn’t know Duane Adler by looking at him, I’ve taken the liberty of including a pic of Briana Evigan from Step Up 2: The Streets whom, I’m sure, medically speaking, many of us wouldn’t mind operating on.

via THR.com

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